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Hi are you a Singer Songwriter?


You’ve written a song or several songs and you want the world to meet your music?

Come to Van Lierop Records and let our professional sound / masterings engineer Will van Lierop record, edit, mix and master your songs and even produce your music globally online.


Album-/Logo design

Van Lierop Records has a new department within the company called

Artist I.C.D. Illustration Creation & Design

You can put your logo and / or your album cover art to design.

Contact us for information




Van Lierop Records can guide the musicians into copyright protection and also help you to book



Maintenance and repair service

A maintenance, malfunction of your instrument, effect pedals, floorboards or back lines needed?

Van Lierop Records takes the most attention and care of your worth full instruments and let them sound how they should sound.



Do you want to learn how to tune your own guitar?

Van Lierop Records gives workshops include guitar tuning and more.

Please contact us for more information



Van Lierop Records regulates all!


Van Lierop Records

– Support all musicians needs

– Takes all care out of musicians hands

Affordable for every musician


That’s what makes Van Lierop Records so special!

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At Van Lierop Records every musician is welcome!

Email to: info@vanlierop-records.com

check our website www.vanlierop-records.com for our terms and conditions