Will van Lierop – A Day Without You

First single - A Day Without You

Hi, Welcome on my page.

This is my own project.

My  songs were lying in the closet for many years and thought now it was time to work on it and present them to the world.
The first song is called “A Day Without You” and is one of the many songs I’ve written.

The most songs are written based on my own life events and from sweet sounding  acoustic to melodic harmonic rock.
All the  instruments are played by myself.
The next song “Sweet Innocence” is in progress and will come out around February 14 2016, Valentines day.
This would be the 2nd song.

The 3rd song “Silence” has 3 versions. A Rock version, Acoustic version and Dream version.
(The projects cost lot of work and creativity and so a lot of time)

To make a difference in my first 2 singles I will bring out “Silence” in a rock version around April 2016.
The other versions will be available on the album as an album version and as a extra bonus track.

So take a listen and if you like , don’t be afraid to like it, leave a comment, share it on the social media and buy it.
(it’s only 99 cents a song)

I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for listening and for being my fan!

Greetings Will van Lierop