Next project Silence

Hi there,   Now that the second song “Sweet Innocence” is done (side project) I picked up the next song named “Silence” and will be a rock version. I started this project a while ago but stopped and  re-write the composition because I wasn’t happy about some parts. Now that the song is getting it’s form it’s time to record the new parts. Silence […]

Sweet Innocence finished!

Hi everybody! I can say that after a few days of delay,  my second song “Sweet Innocence” is finished! Just needed a little more time. I didn’t wanted to rush thing up. I’m going to register the song today Friday February the 19th and will put it online after the finalization. The video clip for this song will follow shortly by the way. So […]

Sweet Innocence

Today I’m recording my vocals for Sweet Innocence 

Side Project – Sweet Innocence

Hi there, The Song Silence is making progress and is expected to be released in April 2016. I’ve been also working on a side project “Sweet Innocence” This because of the upcoming valentines day. I wrote and composed this song based on a true story from a cousin of mine when he went on a date with a girl. What […]

Next project Silence

Hi there, Thank you all for the good reviews, shares, likes and buys to A Day Without you. I can say that I have enjoyed working on the song. I’m already working on the next song “Silence” This song was written in 2013. At first it had the title “get up and try again” but then Pink came out with […]

Song A Day Without You Out Now!

  Check Will’s artist page here! Listen to A Day Without on Spotify! Like the song? Buy here! CD Baby Learn how to get your music heard at

Song Update A Day Without You

Hi there,   So first of all Happy New Year to all of you. It was an exciting year, a lot of things happened. Now we entered a new year with lots of new goals and opportunities. A quick update of the song “A Day Without You” what I was working on. The song is ready and can be downloaded […]

Song Mixed

Hi there, I can finally announce that the song “A Day Without” is mixed and will proceed to the final step, Mastering. I’ve tested my five steps to mix on this acoustic song and it worked out pretty well. Now I can say that the formula I use works for every style of song. There are no presets or basic […]

Update song “A day without you”

Hi there, As from last weeks editing the song “A Day Without You” I can say that the song is moved to the next phase, the mixing. There’s a little delay in the process because I got engaged last week and it has been a very busy positive week. Yes I’m a lucky man haha. So, as I was saying. […]

Recording Album

Hi there, It’s been a while since I posted something on my website blog. That’s because a lot of things happened this year and I have been writing new songs and re-wrote some of my old songs. With all the successful recordings that I did for my customers I thought now it’s time for my own album. The last couple […]