Recording update

Hi there, The last song for singer songwriter M.E is recorded. It’s called 5/8. Now we are focussing on the vocals. In the meanwhile I recorded a few songs for Eva Lisa Janssen and her guitarist Jelle. With her clean jazzy voice she wants to bring her message out. Sample follows soon on my website. I’m working on a side […]


Hi there, The last couple of months were hectic. A few annoying issues came finally to a closure. I have been working on the M.E. project. (singer songwriter Marijn Eeftens) which comes to the next stadium. We recorded 9 instrumental tracks of 12. Three others were made back in 2007. These are in a re-recording fase. When everything is done, […]


Hi there, I know. It’s been quiet on the website last couple of weeks. that’s because I am in America. I’m in Chicago right now doing some networking and I met a lot of great bands so I will keep you up-to-date.

Project “Silence”

Yessssss, final mixdown of “Silence” and “Car song” tonight!!

Project “Silence”

End process in sight!! The song “Silence” comes in 2 versions. Band version and an acoustic one. They are available in iTunes within’ a few weeks.

Project “Car song & Mirrors”

End process in sight!! The song Car song and Mirrors are almost ready to master. These song are available in iTunes within’ a few weeks.

Project ” Silence”

Silence is in final mixing phase. The vocal recordings last wednesday went great. 3rd take was master. After the mastering. The song Silence will be on YouTube and will be available at the iTunes Store. Introduction follow shortly

Project ” Car song”

Car song is almost ready to master. It needs some fine tuning. Waiting for Marijns copyright protection. Then shortly the “Car song” will be on YouTube. Also available in iTunes Store and more. Introduction is planned!!

Project “Mirrors”

Mirrors is edited. We need to re record the lead vocal. Orchestra tape is ready. So upcoming Wednesday February 6, recording lead vocals

Project M.E. “Mirrors”

The instruments are recorded. Another day is scheduled  for the vocals. The orchestra tape can be edited.