Next project Silence

Hi there,


Now that the second song “Sweet Innocence” is done (side project)
I picked up the next song named “Silence” and will be a rock version.

I started this project a while ago but stopped and  re-write the composition because I wasn’t happy about some parts.
Now that the song is getting it’s form it’s time to record the new parts.

Silence is a song about moving on.
Bad things happens all the time and it’s a waste to let your life lead by it’s emotions.
You won’t get any better of it so the best thing what you can do is to pick it up and to go on.

Mostly it’s easier said then done and yes, you have to change your point of view on a certain time what will sometimes not be appreciated by some people who stands very close to you.
Those are the ones that you can leave behind. They are there only for their own purposes.
They interpret everything negative and you don’t need that.

Do the things you like and like to do and what makes you happy.
Only the true ones will follow you in your journey.


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