Next project Silence

Hi there,

Thank you all for the good reviews, shares, likes and buys to A Day Without you.
I can say that I have enjoyed working on the song.

I’m already working on the next song “Silence”
This song was written in 2013.
At first it had the title “get up and try again” but then Pink came out with the song “get up and try”. It could be confusing at the time, so that’s why I changed my song into Silence.
Now 3 years later it doesn’t matter anymore by the way and so I’ll review that later.

Also this one was written for our Rock band I had at that time and for our formal Female singer Anouk Lisman’s vocals.
Since the band isn’t there anymore I had to re-write it to my own voice.
It’s a song which have many potentials for different versions.
I’m starting with a rock version and the recordings are already started, the other version will come later maybe on the album later this year.

This is all for now. Thank you all again for becoming a fan.
I will definitely update you as soon as i can.

Gr Will

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